The sections of our Magazine (somebody calls it Blog)

We have conceived our magazine like a container in which it’s possible to find, at a glance, the subjects we are interested in, we have passion for. Subjects often related to the experiences we propose to our clients and usually personalize for them.

In fact, as you can see also in the picture above, our Sections are the following:

> Art cities tours (Firenze, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano)
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> Wine and food tasting experience (tour and cooking classes)
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> Tour for wellness and SPA (Salus Per Aquam) lovers
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> Tour for sport and adventure lovers
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> Services for wedding planners and couples 
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> Events in Tuscany
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> Team Building and Incentive experiences for companies
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For our editorial team, therefore, the aim is to provide you, periodically, new useful content, in order to show how is to live Tuscany, in relation to your personal and/or professional needs

In parallel to our wide assortment of group and private tours, we are also setting up some “luxury experiences, made to measure, upon the client’s request” in which it is possible, in example, to combine a period of vacation dedicated to the golf practice, with exclusive excursions of one or more days dedicated to the tasting of wine and local specialties, in addition to the reserved entrance to specific music, theatre, art, events. 

Everything made to measure, everything exclusive, tailoring for you a top level luxury experience.
Tuscany, through its history, art, architecture, lifestyle, landscape, is such a beauty concentrate, that can inspire an endless storytelling, especially if we go through the country, in the smallest boroughs. 

For these reasons, Come and See Italy has chosen Tuscany as the scenery of the best experiences, very often building them on request of our clients and stakeholders.

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Thanks for the attention, we look forward to meeting you and arrange together a fantastic experience in Tuscany!