Lucca: must see places

Lucca has long chosen to stay away from great history and the beaten path. As such, its inhabitants did not hesitate to erect walls 12 meters high, 30 meters thick at the base, in order to lock themselves up every night and at the slightest danger behind these bastions. Times have changed. Today, its doors… Read More »

The sections of our Magazine (somebody calls it Blog)

We have conceived our magazine like a container in which it’s possible to find, at a glance, the subjects we are interested in, we have passion for. Subjects often related to the experiences we propose to our clients and usually personalize for them. In fact, as you can see also in the picture above, our… Read More »

Lucca: 950 Years of San Martino Cathedral

In January 2020, the city of Lucca, nicknamed the City of Churches, commemorated 950 years of the founding of its Cathedral, San Martino. Inside the cathedral, what was for centuries an object of veneration, by millions of pilgrims, the Holy Face (Volto Santo) will be restored, along with the beautiful funeral monument dedicated to Ilaria… Read More »

Lucca Comics & Games

A UNIQUE EVENT IN EUROPE. The beautiful Lucca is also known as “The city of 100 churches”. Over the centuries it has been protagonist of Tuscany’s history together with Florence, Pisa, Pistoia and Siena, but not many know that it also has a more contemporary uniqueness. As a matter of fact, every year it hosts… Read More »

Verrocchio, Leonardo’s Master

Art and beauty lovers couldn’t miss this appointment (Palazzo Strozzi and Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence, 09 March – 14 July, 2019) where to discover the real essence of Renaissance through the works and the influence of “Leonardo’s Master”: Verrocchio ! After training periods as goldsmith and sculptor at Donatello and Desiderio da Settignano workshops,… Read More »