Lucca: must see places

Lucca has long chosen to stay away from great history and the beaten path. As such, its inhabitants did not hesitate to erect walls 12 meters high, 30 meters thick at the base, in order to lock themselves up every night and at the slightest danger behind these bastions. Times have changed. Today, its doors… Read More »

Unforgettable HoneyMoon in Tuscany

Do you want to organize your honeymoon in the most beautiful country and in the most romantic region? This is the place for you newlyweds: Tuscany. From enchanted landscapes, to historic villas, luxury and good food, all are part of a combination that will make your honeymoon an unforgettable journey of love, which you will… Read More »

Come&See Italy Luxury Services

Come&See Italy Luxury Come&See Italy offers you luxury services of the highest quality. We have over 30 years experience in this sector, which has allowed us to respond to our customers feedback to ensure a flexible and adaptive experience and improved quality service. Our luxury tourist services are in great demand as shown by the… Read More »

Incentive for companies: tuscan dinner with wine tasting

Incentive and Team Building activities are essential in developing a strong sense of belonging and collaboration within a work based group. On the basis of our vast experience, we consider our Tuscan dinner with local speciality tastings, an effective team building tool, in a relaxed and beautiful setting, team relationships can thrive.The “wow” effect is… Read More »

The sections of our Magazine (somebody calls it Blog)

We have conceived our magazine like a container in which it’s possible to find, at a glance, the subjects we are interested in, we have passion for. Subjects often related to the experiences we propose to our clients and usually personalize for them. In fact, as you can see also in the picture above, our… Read More »

Tailor made wedding experience in Tuscany

On the occasion of a wedding celebration, our experience, local knowledge and management skills are invaluable in the planning and realisation of the perfect cerebration. Able to work within a team or as individual specialists in accordance with the bride and groom, our aim is to stage the perfect wedding. Choosing a location can be… Read More »

Discovering Lucca by Bike

Lucca sparkles like a jewel of rare beauty amongst the wonderful art cities of Tuscany; you can in fact view it from the city walls (see the picture below), so well built and preserved, that it’s possible to travel completely around them, on foot or by bike. A bike is our preferred mode of transport… Read More »

Canyoning in Tuscany

Team Building through the activity of Canyoning is an experience for which many companies, from Italy and abroad, contact us. For example, a Norwegian company called us to arrange a team building activity in Tuscany for its employees. Everybody in the company loved nature, so there was no better place to choose than the Garfagnana… Read More »

Montecatini Terme and Galileo Chini itinerary. The path of the famous artists.

The starting point on our ideal itinerary through Montecatini is Caffè Gambrinus, which is situated on the southern end of the Verdi boulevard, its terrace and famous colonnades face the former Locanda Maggiore Hotel courtyard; originally this resort, on demand of Grand Duke Leopold, included two areas, one with paid admission and one free, to… Read More »