Team Building TRUFFLE HUNT Experience

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Some days in a specific period
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From August to October, every year it can change
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A full grapes collecting experience with your colleagues in a farm
Tasting of DOCG wines from Chianti area and appetizers

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The Farm is close to Florence
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Truffle hunting is the perfect choice if you wish to spend some time outdoors doing a fun activity that will also tempt your appetite. During the truffle hunt you will have the chance to look for what is called ‘the diamond of the woods’.

Before the beginning of the hunt, you will be divided into teams, with the aim of covering more “hunting” zones. The teams will walk through the wooded area with their experts and will also be accompanied with the main stars of the hunt, the trained truffle hunting dogs!

The teams will spend some quality time surrounded by nature and they will learn everything about the truffle habitat and its symbiotic connection with the trees and woods. Once the hunt is completed, the teams will have an exquisite and remarkable truffle based four-course lunch.

This activity is perfect with regards to spending time together with colleagues in understanding the passion and effort required in finding and collecting truffles. This activity enriches relationships within teams, as they appreciate wonderful dishes and their shared experience.

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